Scholastic Book Fair

Our team was tasked with a rebrand to make Scholastic Book Fairs into a brand that is dynamic and impactful enough to create kids’ power.

We created a brand which ignites wide-eyed bookjoy for children everywhere.
Agency ︎︎︎ JKR

My Role ︎︎︎ Designer

Field ︎︎︎ Brand Identity, Type Design

Typefaces ︎︎︎ Obviously Ruckus by Oh No Type Co. in close collaboration with the larger JKR team, Obviously by Oh No Type Co.

Team ︎︎︎ DESIGN: Katie Rominger, Emilie Hahn, Nicholas Claure, Julia Grippo / GCD: Rich Greco / STRATEGY: Kimberly Dixon-Mays / AD: Izzy Taaffe / MOTION: Griffin Keller / COPY: Joe Schott

Derived from Books

Our custom wordmark features bold, playful letterforms that capture the energy of the fair. The swing in the legs of the “K” and “R” are a nod to the flying pages motif in the Scholastic mark.

Emphasizing Discovery & Joy

The “Bookjoy Shapes” are inspired by our custom headline typeface. They can be used as platforms for characters, badges or call-outs that identify reader age-ranges, or backdrops for portrait photography.

Our “Bookjoy Sparks” emphasize those magic moments of discovery and joy. Derived from the “Bookjoy Shapes,” they can be used for additional visual texture.

The stickers bring personality and personalization to social content.

Inspired by Emotion

Our custom typeface features custom glyphs which capture the vast array of emotions experienced at the book fair.

Using four distinct categories (confidence, curiosity, energy, and imagination) for style inspiration, we partnered with OH No Type Company to create a unique alphabet of glpyhs that can be used alongside Obviously Bold.

All work on this website is property of Julia Grippo