Field ︎︎︎ Emerging Technology, Speculative Design, 3D Design, UI/UX Design
Typefaces ︎︎︎ ABC Maxi by Dinamo

Guiding Question

How can an intangible experience become digitally tangible?

Investigating the Future

Inspired by the release of the Metaverse, I set out to explore critical relationships between our present and future relationships with technology.

A speculative look at what digital escapism will manifest as in a world of emerging technology — seeing how we will use tech to make new experiences/ways to escape.

Crafting the Visual Assets

I created 3D renders to begin exploring spaces that would allow users to enter realms not possible in waking reality (underwater castles, dream states, and euphoric gardens), thus, using technology to craft new experiences. 

These visual explorations aim to show how 3D & VR Design can create new experiences which transform intangible experiences into digitally tangible experiences.

I also crafted singular 3D items (such as this shell) as “digital artifacts” which users could collect, archive, and share with friends as they navigate through these 3D worlds.

Xscape App

Illustrates what a speculative, future product of digital escapism may look like in a world of emerging technology. 

View some of the features here or watch the video above.

Crafting Personas & Scenarios

Establishing user personas helped in understanding user needs, desires, pain points, and patterns of behavior that would inform the app design.

Crafting hypothetical use case scenarios also helped to determine potential pain points, user needs, and to create a deeper understanding of how this app would be used/consumed.

Research & Development

Starting with a mind map allowed me to hone in on my concept and discover associations with potential to inform features for my app. Building out a site map and task analysis flow helped me to make sure user needs were being met and that the design was user friendly. 

Creating paper prototypes allowed for in person user testing to ensure that the app flow made sense and was easy to navigate.

Establishing a Visual Language

Establishing design principles helped to codify the visual language used for Xscape, giving the app its own distinct identity and unique voice.

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