(Apple Watch Redesign)

Field ︎︎︎ UI/UX Design, Interaction Design, Motion Design
Typefaces ︎︎︎ Druk by Commercial Type, Narly by Emigre, Neue Haas Grotesk Display Pro by Linotype


Redesign the face of the Apple Watch in order to change the way time is read (flows).


Cloud+ is a redesign of the Apple Watch based around the idea of clouds as a metaphor for passing time. Through integration of human-center design I was able to create personas and prototypes to create a 360 design that feels real. The main promo image features the watches in a cloud-like shape to tie the advertising back into the product.

I designed/rendered a 3D cloud which serves as the main component of the visual identity for Cloud+. The 3D cloud provides a juxtaposition against the bold, 2D typography.
Establishing user personas helped in understanding user needs, desires, pain points, and patterns of behavior that would inform the watch design.
I started with rough sketches and then transformed the sketches into wireframes before ultimately prototyping the watch.

Research including user interviews was conducted to find out more about the subject, potential users, and competitor products.

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