Amplify Your Voice

Field ︎︎︎ Brand Identity, Advertising/Art Direction
Typefaces ︎︎︎ Biennale by Monotype, Macklin Display by Monotype
Photography ︎︎︎ The unsung heroes of Pexels


Create a campaign for a new brand that focuses on a social issue. Develop messaging that is true to the brand and feels authentic.


Amplify is a new organization and platform that aims to amplify the voices of Gen-Z and Millennial youth through education and empowerment. Amplify empowers youth by informing them about art, fashion, culture, and music.

The “Amplify Your Voice” campaign focuses on bringing diversity and inclusion to the forefront of its dialogue. It aims to encourage people to get involved, be aware, be active. Ultimately, the campaign will amplify and celebrate the intersectionality of one’s identity.

The campaign colors take a new angle to the colors of the American flag, suggesting that change is necessary in order to create a more inclusive, accepting, and diverse atmosphere for individuals to grow together.

The colors serve as a reminder that positive change is possible and that, together, we can achieve a more progressive future.

The chosen typeface is meant to be welcoming, trustworthy, and inviting to viewers.

The neutrality of the sans serif is meant to promote inclusion.

When paired with the serif, the typefaces create a tone that feels personal — a call to action that invites everyone to stop, look, and listen.

The serif typeface is used to highlight key words that are integral components of the campaign and what it stands for. 

The circle serves as a motif throughout the campaign to serve as a symbol of unity and togetherness. It also extends itself to multiple use cases in applications — on the poster it serves as a graphic element and framing element, on the app it serves as a navigational device allowing the user to swipe through the app, and in applications it becomes a physical object through development of pins and stickers.

The graphic elements from the posters now manifest themselves as physical deliverables seen in the form of pins and stickers.

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