3D Renders
& VR Exploration

Field ︎︎︎ 3D Design, AR/VR Design, Motion Design


Various explorations in creating 3D renders and designing AR/VR experiences.

The following explorations were created using SculptGL. I used the idea of a physical attribute such as reflective, metallic, curvy, etc. and used this idea as a framework to create a new 3D object that emulates the physical attribute that it is based upon. The 3D object on the left is supposed to depict the idea of "reflective" as it is literally reflective while also symbolically showing a state of reflection as it tries to take on the resemblance of a chair. On the right, I have created a depiction of the word, "curvy."I created all of the textures on the 3D objects. View below for more of my process on how I did this.

The piece below demonstrates how I used Unity and Vuforia to create a 3D interactive space for users to interact with the forms through an augmented reality pop-up.

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